Steve had 6 weeks before his holiday!

Online client

Neil helped me with a clean eating plan after a 'big eats'. Neil completly changed my training, nutrition and lifestyle. I'm mega chuffed with the results after 6 weeks, can't wait for another 6 weeks. Highly recommended, Cheers Neil. 👍🏽

Joe - Lost 25kg in 6 months


Neil is a brilliant trainer, with a deep understanding and commitment to correct form. After incurring several motivation-destroying injuries attempting barbell training before working with Neil, I bit the bullet and signed up for a one-to-one training plan. Neil immediately identified where I was going wrong with certain lifts and helped me put in place simple steps for each exercise to ensure I lift safely. My lifts now feel more natural and safer, I am enjoying training again and I feel much more confident. I'm already seeing big changes to my body and am excited to see how far I can go under his guidance. More generally, Neil offers great motivation and advice on diet, mobility and ways to train smarter. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Dipti S


Dipti has been training 3 times a week with NMarine fitness and since March has lost 10kg and inches all over. Nutrition guidelines and one/one training is really helping her reach her goals.


“I got in touch with Neil as I wanted to lose weight but also improve my fitness levels after a very very long period of not doing much exercise. Personal training with Neil has been incredible. I’ve lost a stone in four weeks. He has a very holistic approach and has changed the way I eat and make better food choices but also seen an incredible change in my fitness levels. My sessions with Neil always fly by and not only does he push me to workout hard but the sessions are always varied and are great fun!! Neil is always available and flexible and happy to answer any questions. He is also all about educating you to make better choices. I still have a way to go in terms of where I would like to get to but know working with Neil I will definitely get there.”

Neil T


Can’t recommend Neil and NMarine enough for their help and advice. I’ve had 3 ‘personal trainers’ in the past and this guy is second to none. If you’re serious about wanting to get in shape then who wouldn’t want the knowledge and friendly guidance of a Marine who has been there and done it! 

Started working with him a couple of weeks ago as I felt critically under prepared for the 2015 London Marathon. With two other experts that I approached on the subject categorically telling me ‘maybe next year’ and pretty much telling me I wasn’t ready, Neil instantly tuned in and designed a programme that increased stamina, power and mentally prepared me better than I could ever have wished for! Having never ran more than 14 miles in my life before yesterday is all the proof anyone should need that your service is a cut above anything above the bootcamps and standard PT experience. Thanks again NMarine Fitness!*

Phil M


Being in a desk based job for the last 40 years, I was finding it increasingly more difficult to keep weight off despite regular gym visits and being on a perpetual ‘diet’. The results from Neil’s programme speak for themselves: eleven pounds lost, two inches off the belly and three inches off the man boobs! The diet Neil introduced me to is brilliant – lots of great food so never hungry and he designed a personal gym programme that actually works. The key is really about lifestyle change – it’s not a temporary diet, more about how to eat and exercise properly, Neil is highly knowledgeable in both these areas. Very happy – I recommend Neil highly.*

Edward M


My life had stagnated and I was consistently trying to clamber out of a rut. I was not unfit but nor was I the weight or fitness level I felt I should be. Neil put me through it. It was intense at the beginning but very well structured.

Neil is a clever motivator. He gives you praise and encouragement but he does not devalue his praise by over indulging you. He is honest but positive. He won’t lie about your level but will make you feel self confident about it.

Neil doesn’t repeat training sessions time after time. He varies activities to keep you interested. The training programs also evolve as your fitness level and body shape change. My goals were to improve as a rock climber. Neil tailored my sessions to meet my goals. He knew that power to weight ratio was essential for me and improved my strength without letting me put on excess and redundant muscle. It was reassuring and cleverly done. His understanding of his subject facilitated this and he does not over complicate it for his customer. My knowledge of fitness and the body processes has also improved.*

Joe C


I started this programme as a way to lose weight and tone up…and it has ended up being a lifestyle change for the better, for life. I’m leaner, stronger, lighter and more toned than ever before, and loving every second of it! I eat more than I have ever done in my life, never feel hungry, and the visual benefits after only 4 weeks are only outweighed by the energy and good vibes I’m getting out of this programme. 

Not only do you get support from fellow members of the programme, Neil is on hand 24/7 to offer advice and personal experience as someone that has been through the programme himself. His expertise is evident in his scientific knowledge, broken down into friendly, yet firm(!) guidance.*

Elliot L


Elliot L, 33, London. One session a week with NMarine Fitness plus programme design in own time.

Here is what Elliot has to say about his experience so far:

“For the first time in my life I have actually reached a significant fitness goal. Since I have started training with Neil I have shed over 15kg in weight and put on a noticeable amount of muscle – all in less than a year of training. Neil has always been able to motivate me and provide guidance when I have hit the inevitable bumps on my journey. I can’t recommend Neil and NMarine fitness enough. Neil’s knowledge, hands on experience, enthusiasm and subtle motivation have helped me change my lifestyle and eating habits for good.

Neil’s main strength is the ability to listen to his clients and ensure that they can make changes to their lifestyle which they are happy with. I initially expressed a desire to not go to the gym and Neil sent a list of exercises which I could do at home using equipment that cost me less than £20.

Furthermore I feel that the changes Neil promotes can realistically be made for the long term. Rather than fad diets which make you lose weight which you immediately put back on again, this is a sustainable change which I actually enjoy. I particularly like the fact that he focuses on the concepts of what makes a good diet rather than mandating specific recipes (although excellent meals are available on request).

Quite simply, the training, diet and Neil’s guidance has changed my life.”

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